Owing to our diverse team that comes from different legal backgrounds, Beirut Practice is able to cater to the various legal requirements of its Clients. From tax planning to family litigation, going through corporate and real estate law, our attorneys enjoy an extensive experience that allows them to take on any challenge, offer the best legal advice and solutions, and pool all the firm’s capabilities to answer all your questions and needs.  

Why Lebanon? 
Lebanon’s strategic location has been recognized for centuries as a contact point between the East and West, and the gateway to the Middle East region and market.

Top Reasons to invest in Lebanon:
  1. Strategic Location
  2. Free Market Economy
  3. Liberal Financial Environment
  4. Banking Secrecy
  5. Diverse Corporate Entities.
  6. Favorable Taxation & Fiscal Incentives
  7. Non-Discriminatory Legal Framework
  8. Competent Human capital & Low Labor Cost
  9. Quality Healthcare & High Education
  10. High Quality of Living


As part of its strategy to attract investments, the Lebanese government offers a series of incentives to national and foreign investors alike.

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Lebanon’s strategic location, free market economy and liberal financial environment have traditionally played a key role in making Lebanon the favored destination of investors.

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At Beirut Practice, we provide tax advice for local and cross-border transactions, owing to our international experience and presence in many European and MENA countries.

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