Beirut Practice, we understand the importance of obtaining a legal second citizenship or residency in light of the unstable regional situation.

Acquiring a second Passport will help you:
  • Facilitate your travel procedure in case of political troubles.
  • Overcome your passport and travel limitations.
  • Obtain visa-free travel to major countries.
  • Obtain visas to restricted countries.
  • Protect your assets and investments.
  • Diversify your investments.
  • Lower your Tax burdens.

There are a few countries today where you can legally acquire a Citizenship or Residency in just a few months, provided you pass certain basic qualifications. The countries we have selected to work with have programs in place, allowing foreign nationals to obtain citizenship or residency through different types of investments programs. We have partnered with leading local associates in those jurisdictions to make the obtainment of citizenship or residency through investment quick, easy and cost-effective.


Check the list of Visa-free destinations per Country.

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Check the list of countries where you can legally acquire a Citizenship or Residency via investment.

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